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                編輯:mbr污水處理設備 來自:http://www.tooshou.com / 日期:2022-12-16 13:48 / 人氣:





                MBR一體化污水處理設備的核心部件是膜生物反應器(MBR),它是膜分離技術與生物技術有機結合的新 型廢水處理技術。

                      污水進入MBR系統。A區為兼氧區,放置填料,并與活性污泥進行充分接觸。O區為好氧區,放置膜組件,使用PVDF膜將活性污泥和大分子有機物質截留住,省掉二沉池?;钚晕勰酀舛纫虼舜蟠筇岣?,水力停留 時間(HRT)和污泥停留時間(SRT)可以分別控制,而難降解的物質在反應器中不斷反應、降解。進一步處 理之后,被處理水可以達標排放或回用。此外,輸送到MBR系統中的空氣也是處理過程中非常重要的一部分,它可以促進反應器中流體的循環流動,提高活性污泥的降解效率,還可以使中空纖維膜絲之間發生相互摩擦,清潔膜組件。



















                MBR integrated equipment (WSZ-M)

                I. Overview 

                With membrane biological reactor (MBR) as its core component, MBR integrated waste water treatment equipment adopts new waste water treatment technology, combining membrane separation technology and biological technology.

                Waste water enters MBR system. Area A is aerobic compatible area with stuffing, completely contacting active sludge. Area O is aerobic favorable area with membrane components, making PVDF membrane intercepts active sludge and macromolecule organic matter and omitting secondary sedimentation tank. In this case, activated sludge concentration increases greatly, HRT and SRT are controlled separately, and items hard to degradation reacts and degrades in the reactor constantly. After further treatment, disposed water is able to meet the stand and for discharging or recycling. Besides, air transferred to MBR system is a crucial part of the treatment process. It is able to accelerate circulation flow of fluid in the reactor, improve the degradation efficiency of activated sludge and make hollow fiber membrane conflicts with mutually to clean membrane components.


                II. Equipment advantages 

                (1) Compact, small volume, little land coverage, underground structure, movable, facilitating planting, free of breeding of flies and mosquitoes. 


                (2) High efficiency of removing organic pollutant; stable quality of outlet water 


                (3) Easy operation, convenient construction, free of special maintenance and good self-protection 


                (4) Good quality of disposed water, conforming to discharge requirements. 


                (5) Integrated equipment is able to undergo flexible configuration based on quality of raw water, ensuring wide application of the equipment.

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